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Large Modular Paint Rack

Large Modular Paint Rack

$ 130.00

Do you have a ton of paints? Are they all over the place? Well, this rack might be for you! It holds ALOT of paint and it's in a pretty compact package. 

This rack comes with three shelves that are removable from the main rack. They slide completely out and can be placed in different slots. This will depend on how tall the bottles you are using. Are you going to go paint somewhere else in the house? slide out a shelf and go on your way.

Just like our Tiered Paint Rack we are also offering the thin tool drawer and large bottom drawer options.

Base Rack - 20"w x 10.375"h x 10"d

each Vallejo Paint shelf holds 98 paints
each GW Paint shelf holds 72 paints
each Golden/P3/ Cote de Arms shelf holds 84 paints
       *** The numbers listed is per shelf so if you selected 3 of the same multiply by 3
       *** example - a full three Vallejo shelf rack would hold 294 paints!

The rack comes un-assembled an the paint is only shown for display purposes and is not included.

Build Instructions:

Main Rack 
Thin Drawer 
Large Bottom Drawer

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